Come and enjoy the quiet rural atmosphere unique.

Near the Boadella, with a wide range of sports and leisure activities, from horse riding to visits to museums (Dalí Triangle), including as may be otherwise natural routes countless paths disclose the charm of Alt Emporda.

A space full of light and history.

The essence that surrounds the historic medieval town, with its streets and through the towers and walls, transports us to a place very different from the reality that usually live in the city.

Enjoy the scenery around us.

Surrounded by unspoiled woods and wild so invites us to drop our adventurous side to know each one of the places that surround it.

Sant Llorenç de la Muga (Alt Empordà)

Camping La Fradera is located in the town of San Lorenzo, a medieval village of Alt Emporda, Figueres past. Located in a valley through which runs the River Muga. Surrounded by flora and fauna privileged amid a thick grove, there is a small village reminiscent of the Catalan Romanesque.

A charming town that offers a look back keeping his feet in the present, all those who dare to drink the magic of Muga.