The village, Sant Llorenç de la Muga

Sant Llorenc de la Muga is a village surrounded by medieval walls, towers, narrow streets and houses pleasant and charming.

The village is crossed by a river Muga, accompanied by a beautiful natural landscape in highlighting the sources, chapels and roads that cross the valley.


Cultural heritage


The medieval village of San Lorenzo de la Muga is a small place with a long history; find stone bridges of the eighth century, watchtowers, the wall that surrounds the town, with its towers, churches and Romanesque churches, and lots of places both inside and outside the town that takes you directly to another century and even, perhaps another world.

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For lovers of nature and relaxation, the town of San Lorenzo de la Muga is the ideal place to participate in routes where children and adults will be able to venture together to explore the surroundings, or head to the river, to the mountains , the marsh or the pools hidden among the grove.

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More information on the natural landscape of the Muga and its surroundings here
Because the relief surrounding the St. Lawrence Valley, the land is particularly favorable and full of hiking trails suitable for mountain bike trails.

Fair beans and Coal

Dali Museum (Figueres)

Each villa has its traditional festival of Catalonia and the town of San Lorenzo de la Muga is no exception! Here we Fair beans and Coal.

The first Sunday of March, honoring the tradition of cultivating beans "gantxet high" variety grown in San Lorenzo. And in recent years, most remember the forgotten craft of coal, although coal selling 100% oak coal produced at the entrance of our people.

Today we celebrate with family activities to enjoy: playgrounds for children, storytelling workshops, contests, craft stalls with local products, and more.

Just 20 km from San Lorenzo found Figueres, capital of the Alt Emporda.

Do not miss the impressive Salvador Dalí Museum, painter, decorator, writer and thinker Catalan has become a global icon of surrealism. Highly recommended to go there with children.

His works do not leave anyone indifferent, as they break with the world and rational appeal to the world of dreams and imagination. More information here


Toy Museum of Catalonia (Figueres)

Girona, the capital of our province possesses countless festivals, cultural activities and entertainment for all ages. It is a city of legends has magical places, especially in the area of ​​Old Town and Jewish quarter, where the Cathedral.

A simple stroll through the narrow streets adoquinats can lead inadvertently to get to the Gardens of the Germans, the Charlemagne Tower and the old city wall.

If you are not afraid of the crowds is highly recommended to visit the city during the Festival Temps de FlorsIn the month of May. Monuments, churches, buildings of architectural interest, and even private homes are meticulously decorated with flowers and open free to the public, so that everyone can enjoy its beauty and history.

You can find more information on their web.

The Toy Museum of Catalonia is a particularly interesting because the children can discover and curiosejar a small issue that experts are: toys.

It's fun watching the toys were a few years ago, and at the same time learn about the customs of the past and history and the first technologies.

Visit the museum's website here.