The pool is located next to the bar area with sun and shade. It is a nice area overlooking the valley that surrounds the camp.

We have a bar area open all day with a large screen to watch sports events jointly season. Photography: Terrace bar.

Area equipped with washer and dryer, as well as sinks for washing delicate clothes by hand.

WC Homes
The toilets are located in the center of the campsite in order to be more accessible to all parts of it. They have hot water, showers, toilets and a changing table for babies. Photography: Toilet men.

Is an access to drinking water, which can wash cooking utensils.
It has an area for children which included tubogans, grontxadors and a playground for children.
Includes basketball court, soccer goal and volleyball / batminton, surrounded by a garden area where you can develop any type of recreational activity and family. It also includes track pentanca.

If you need to connect online you have WiFi at your fingertips, connected to all areas of the campsite.

In summer we commissioned bread and croissants. It is preferable to make a reservation order bread for the next day. We offer different varieties of bread: rustic baguette and full bar.
Despite the campsite has no rental refrigerators, the company s mobile telephone sends appliances rent or refrigerators or microwaves directly into our campsite without added cost. rent with s mobile telephone is a quick and easy option. Simply indicate the name of the camping and your date of arrival and departure. Appliances brings you directly to your plot, and I would pick the day you leave.
Although we do not provide the campsite service, bicycle rental company EdibikesLocated in Vila-sacred, can bring bicycle rental directly at the campsite to make your exit.

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We open Camping La Fradera again!

June 19th, 2020|0 Comments

Today yes yes! Another year we will be by your side to accompany you on a quiet holiday in nature. This season we join the @Campingsingirona We Care initiative which means:

Him […]

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Do you know this corner of Sant Llorenç?

June 18th, 2020|0 Comments

Do you know this corner of Sant Llorenç? It is located behind the church and next to the river… This is the area known in the village as Font Pudosa! This weekend, coinciding with the opening of the […]

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Liceu a la Fresca in Sant Llorenç de la Muga on the 20th

June 16th, 2020|0 Comments

The countdown to the opening of the campsite begins next Friday, June 19th! And if that wasn't enough, on Saturday the 20th there will be no more and no less than a Liceu a la Fresca on […]

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The Girona Camping Association is visiting us!

June 14th, 2020|0 Comments

Last Friday we were visited by our colleagues from the Girona Camping Association who finished advising and advising us on the hygiene and safety protocols for opening the campsite. […]